Sound Microbes / Cornelia Toifl

How electronics changed music and the perception of space With the help of actor network theory (ANT) as defined by Bruno Latour and Michelle Callon in the 1980s, this scientific work establishes the connection between the development of electronic music and the perception of space. “Poème électronique”, a composition by Edgard Varèse, was a decisive […]

Complexity as a Narrative / Giacomo Pala

The paper studies how the notion of “complexity” and “chaos” have been used in architecture. A number of scientific, theoretical and architectural projects are discussed. Complexity is first discussed as a design method allowing the embodiment of scientific concepts in architecture. Still, it is noted that these architectures are not scientific objects, but are more […]

Nothing happens until something moves / Nina Rattensperger & Christine Gasser

This theoretical research deals with the concept of nomadism in the architectural avant-garde, and wether their ideas can still show certain values in contemporary architecture. Based on the nomadic theory of the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari and research on various nomadic designs from the 1960s and 1970s, it is interesting to see […]

Can you look through the windows? / Kanokwan Trakulyingcharoen

Behind these walls and tiny voids lie a few lives. Living as they would if separated from the speed of this ever-changing world. Following years of urban sprawl, the social fabric of Bangkok has disappeared so that the construction of a single house in such a metropolis has moved toward the creation of a singular […]

Architecture and the Dialectic of Sex / Bettina Siegele

Architecture and the Dialectic of Sex deals with the overall question if a feminist architecture does, or respectively, even can exist. Can there be such a thing, or would it remain a mere pipe dream? Within her research, Bettina Siegele connects various concepts and thoughts from the discourse of feminism with architecture, starting with the […]

Postmodern Post-Mortem / Giacomo Pala

This text, originally published on Archdaily, discusses the renewed interest in postmodernism, and why – while being an important thing to do – we shouldn’t use this word anymore. “By refusing the dogma of the “Zeitgeist” (architecture as the expression of the age of something), the postmodern looks for a complexity of thought where multiple […]

At home we’re tourists / Anna Luison

“At Home He‘s A Tourist!” (1979) is the title of one of the most successful tracks of the British band Gang Of Four active since the end of the 1970s. By accident the name of this song, written now thirty years ago, anticipates the contemporary socio-cultural condition, which is, among others, related to phenomenon of […]

The Many Lives of Lars Müller / Kanokwan Trakulyingcharoen

On Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th of November, 2016, not too far from FREITAG Flagship Store in Zurich, just a few steps from the corner of Hardstrasse and Pfingstweidstrasse, a hip roofed building stands quietly behind a tree. The bright green color sign at its entrance let the passerby know that going on […]

E te, beltade ignota – A short play on Fiction and Realism / Giacomo Pala

This text looks at the connections between Victorien Sardou’s/Giacomo Puccini’s “Tosca” and Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s “Campo Marzio dell’Antica Roma”. Apparently opposites – the former is “realist”, the latter is “surreal” – they are used to discuss how what we define as the real is deeply entangled with fiction and the unreal.

Let’s call the whole thing off / Giacomo Pala

In this paper, Giacomo Pala discusses the notions of the “digital” and “postdigital”. Starting from an article by Mario Carpo, the text discusses why these two concepts have become so popular and upsetting. As suggested by the title, the text questions both these two labels, proposing to call them off and to think of architecture […]

Schools of Architecture / Jana Fečkaninová in a conversation with Bart Lootsma

Schools of Architecture Interview with Bart Lootsma   The following interview is one of a series of interviews on the topic Schools of Architecture that has recently been done. It offers complex reflections on the issue regarding the question of the possibility of teaching architecture and the opinion on the ongoing development of architectural schools. […]

Just What Is It That Makes Neo-Traditionalist Homes So Different, So Appealing / Bart Lootsma

Rob Krier’s practice is –and always has been- cutting edge modern and even its neo-traditionalist approach is. I do not mean modern in the sense of modernist architecture, which quite naturally developed out of the first wave of modernization that was the consequence of industrialization. Krier’s practice is the product of a Second Modernity that […]