The Tyrolean House: Invented Tradition or Simulacrum? / Bart Lootsma

I am quite certain that almost everyone, anywhere in the world immediately has an image before their eyes when I mention the Tyrolean House. It is built in wood, sometimes with a white plastered first floor, has a wooden balcony and a moderately sloped pitched roof. Most people will picture it in a mountainous alpine […]


Ewige Gegenwart / Laurids Ortner im Gespräch mit Bart Lootsma

Ein Gespräch zwischen Laurids Ortner (Ortner&Ortner Baukunst, Berlin) und Bart Lootsma über höhere und niedrigere Kultur, Avantgarde und Mainstream, Kritik und Anpassung, und das geheime Verlangen etwas zu realisieren, das all diese Kategorien […]


Stella für Alle / Bart Lootsma

„Stella für Alle“ ist ein Werk der Tiroler Künstlerin Andrea Lüth. Nach dem Studium der Künste in Linz und Berlin, lebt und arbeitet sie heute in Wien. Das Werk, ausgestellt am Innsbrucker Marktplatz, wurde im Rahmen der Förderaktion „Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum“ des Landes Tirol realisiert. Die Rede zur Ausstellungseröffnung hielt […]


New Frontiers Zeichnen / Florian Medicus

Der Verein ‚New Frontiers‘ hat nach zwei erfolgreichen Ausstellungen in Bratislava in Wien (sehe dazu BART LOOTSMA: NEW FRONTIERS/SLEEPING BEAUTIES auf architecturaltheory.eu) zur Aufgabe gemacht, einen hochqualitiativen Querschnitt der aktuellen österreichischen Architekturzeichnung zu versammeln, auszustellen […]


The Rotterdam: Big and Blank / by Bart Lootsma

The Rotterdam is an enormous building with four main functions, roughly divided in offices, hotel, living, leisure and parking. It is not tailor-made but can theoretically accommodate a multitude of different businesses, which design their own interiors. Windows run from floor to ceiling and only on the west side the apartments have balconies, to profit […]


Think Global, Build Social! Architectures for a Better World / Bart Lootsma

The exhibition ‘Think Global, Build Social! Architecture for a Better World’ directs its attention to the question of contemporary architecture’s social responsibility. Showcasing projects not only from the third world but also from Europe and North America, this exhibition demonstrates the indisputable need for architects to regain a profound social consciousness. ‘In emphasising this building […]


Öffentlich(keit) bauen / Mathieu Wellner

Mathieu Wellner argumentiert wie der Versuch, einen Stadtraum für gesellschaftliches handeln neu zu bauen, nur scheitern kann, weil Aneignungsprozesse nicht planbar sind. Innerstädtische Gebäude und Plätze für eine breite Öffentlichkeit zu inszenieren, gelingt heute anscheinend nur noch für Shopping, Kultur und Sport. Aber bisher hat noch keine Revolution in einer Shoppingmall begonnen. […]


Space Odyssey, a Statement on Didier Faustino / Bart Lootsma

Didier Faustino is one of the most intriguing architects/artists/curators today. His work proves the opportunity one has today as an architect or artist to define one#s own operational field. In his article Bart Lootsma focuses on Faustino’s „multiple identities“,  which  allow  him  to  be active  in  all  these  fields  that  were  traditionally  strictly  separated. This […]

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Critical Apparatuses / Bart Lootsma

Something makes people want to walk, ride or climb to mountaintops, how dangerous an undertaking this may be because of conditions of terrain and weather. It is something completely irrational. Some have themselves brought to the tops of mountains with trains, cable cars and even helicopters. It is often thought that this is to appreciate […]

Nam June Paik_TV Buddha_1974

The Aleph / Bart Lootsma

Today, we dwell almost like nomads in a mediated world. The computer screen takes over the role of the Aleph in Jorge Luis Borges‘ story: a point in space that contains all other points. When one looks at it, one can see the whole universe. Dwelling in the traditional sense may have become problematic, but […]


Carmelo Baglivo’s Pirated Drawings / Bart Lootsma

Together with Stefania Manna and Luca Galofaro, Carmelo Baglivo is one of the founding members of the internatinonally renowned Roman practice IaN+. Lately, he started posting collages and montages of contemporary architectural capriccio’s on Facebook, thereby discovering new opportunities to provoke an architectural discourse. […]


Body & Globe / Bart Lootsma

Body & Globe explores how since the nineteen sixties communication media and a radically increased individual mobility have drastically changed our perception of the world – and of architecture and urbanism. Where the individual body became a cyborg, a cybernetic organism, a human being with certain processes aided, controlled or replaced by mechanical, pharmaceutical or […]